Proactive Legal Services Ltd. has been established in Belfast to provide new solutions to a range of Accountancy and Legal problems in Northern Ireland by combining the experience of it’s team of Professionals.  The Accountancy and Legal professions cross one another on so many different levels that this ‘multi-discipline approach’ simply made sense!

A client should be able to access Legal advice and Accountancy advice under one roof and not have to engage Legal and Accountancy expertise separately as this can simply add delay and introduce additional cost to the process of problem resolution.

With Proactive Legal Services Ltd. we can provide the client with a complete Legal and Accounting overview.  The areas of service of the practice reflect the specific areas of specialism of the Principals.


Jon Dickson of Proactive Legal Services, Belfast

Jon Dickinson Snr – BSc(Hons) FCA

Jon is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants with 30 years experience as a trusted Adviser-He is Founder and Managing Director of Proactive Legal Services Limited.

“Additionally, Jon has successfully brought together a collaborative team of accountancy and legal experts with a dynamic agenda to ensure the highest standard of professional service provision within these sectors.”

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James Dickinson of Proactive Legal Services, BelfastJon Dickinson Jnr – BSc Accounting, ACCA
A Qualified Accountant, Jon’s role is in certifying the accuracy of Debt Recovery Claims under the Late Payment Regulations prior to Court action.

Jon is also Principal of his own Accountancy Practice based in Belfast.

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Kerri – MIATI, BA (Hons) Business Management, Accounting
A fully Qualified Accounting Technician-Kerri is the Internal Accountant of Proactive Legal Services and ensures that all FCA regulations are adhered to.

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James Dickinson – BSc(Hons) Software Engineering

James is an IT Programmer and author of the software used to analyse accounting ledgers to determine compensation and interest due under the Late Payment Legislation.

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